24 - 26 May 2017 • Pullman Brisbane King George Square, Queensland
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Keynote Speakers

Dr Pete Stebbins


Dr Pete Stebbins, PhD, is a workplace psychologist and executive coach and the author of several books including the best seller "iTeams: Why High Performance Teams Fit In & Stand Out".

Pete has many years of research and professional practice behind him and is currently the project director for the High Performance Schools Program working with over one hundred primary, secondary and special education schools in developing High Performance School Cultures to maximise staff and student outcomes.

Pete is an enthusiastic facilitator, executive coach and keynote speaker.

Keynote Address: High Performance Schools I – Leading Sustainable Culture Change

Keynote Address: High Performance Schools II: Building High Performance Teams - 10 Insights

Keynote Address: High Performance Teaching Teams: Integrating the Inquiry Cycle into PLCs

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Dr Dave Hewett


Dave is one of the originators of the Intensive Interaction approach.  Throughout the nineteen-eighties, he was the Principal, Harperbury Hospital School in Hertfordshire.  The team there worked on the deve lopment of Intensive Interaction, carried out the first research and began the dissemination through conferences and seminars.

Dave left his Headteacher post in 1990 and has since dedicated his work to the dissemination of Intensive Interaction, continuously speaking at conferences, giving seminars, publishing books, articles and training materials, as well as gradually gathering a dedicated band of colleagues who now make up the Institute.

Dave’s Intensive Interaction work these days takes him around the world to countries such as Australia, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Germany, Hungary, New Zealand, Portugal, Russia, Sri Lanka.

Having actually trained as a teacher of secondary English, upon accidently starting his career in 1976 as a teacher in a special school, he quickly realised his deep interest in people who were at the earliest levels of development, in working with people who have autism and the fascinating and beautiful experience of working with people who have behaviours that challenge the rest of us.  These deep interests continue to be reflected in everything that Dave writes or communicates in conferences and training.

Keynote Address: Communication Learning is so Much more than Words

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