13 - 15 June 2018 • hilton hotel brisbane, queensland
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Conference Proceedings

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Keynote and Plenary Presentations

High Performance Schools I: Leading Sustainable Culture Change, Dr Pete Stebbins, High Performance Schools

High Performance Schools II: Building High Performance Teams - 10 Insights, Dr Pete Stebbins and Alistair Kerr, High Performance Schools

Day 2 Opening Address: Disability Review - What Next? Patrea Walton, Department of Education and Training^

Inclusive Education Research Presentation, Dr Liam Smith, Department of Education and Training*

High Performance Teaching Teams: Integrating the Inquiry Cycle into PLCs, Dr Pete Stebbins and Alistair Kerr, High Performance Schools

Plenary Address - Deborah Dunstone, Department of Education and Training*

Day 3 Opening Address: Dr Jim Watterson, Department of Education and Training*

Communication Learning is So Much More Than Words, Dr Dave Hewett, Intensive Interaction Institute

Concurrent Presentations

How Satisfied are You as a Leader, with Subjective Well-Being Maintained? Susan Carter, University of Southern Queensland

Leading Sustainable Culture Change in Schools: The Fast-track Planning Tool, Dr Pete Stebbins and Alistair Kerr, High Performance Schools

Moving From Full Withdrawal to Full Inclusion: Adopting and Adapting Giorcelli's Co-Teaching Model, Jacqueline Craigie and Natalie Fernandez, Corinda State High School*

Leading Innovation in Specialist Education - What Could this Look Like? Wayne Wilkinson, Mitchelton Special School

Leading Innovative Practice in Numeracy, Natalie Bufi and Johan Venter, Claremont Special School

Identify, Learn, Improve - A Collaborative Learning Partnership that uses Pedagogical Coaching and Professional Learning Communities to Improve Student Outcomes, Rachel Dougherty and Amanda Turnbull, Mitchelton Special School

Leading Equity, Innovation and Engagement through Age-appropriate Pedagogies, Sandra Marx and Nerissa McCall, Pine Rivers Special School

Interchangeable Leadership - An Innovative Leadership Model in Practice, Wendy Burton, Heatly State School*

Video Self-modelling as an Intervention Strategy to Reduce Agressive Behaviour in Adolescents with High Functioning Autism, Sandra Kinsella, Beaudesert State High School

Developing Your School's PLC Strategy - Quickstart Workshop, Dr Pete Stebbins and Alistair Kerr, High Performance Schools

Leading Equity, Leading Innovation, Trent Devere, Brett Martell and Gayle Barbeler, Aldridge State High School

Developing Assessment Aligned to the P-10 Australian Curriculum Achievement Standards, Robyn Whiting, Queensland Curriculum Assessment Authority^

Beyond Bayside: Guiding Futures, Mardi Schon and Lynelle McDonald Brisbane Bayside State College

Zoning In On Self-regulation, Elizabeth Noske, Caravonica Cluster SEP

Maintaining Your Mojo - Staff Mental Health and Wellbeing, Adrienne Ford and Chantelle Amson, Nambour Special School

Equity through Engagement, Engagement through Innovation - Appropriate Holistic Teaching and Learning Environments for Students at 1a and 1b

Exploring Fraction Knowledge with Telling Time: A case study of students who have learning difficultites, Heidi Clauscen, Queensland University of Technology

Capturing and Recording Literacy Data for Students Working Below Foundation, Jenni Irving and Sarah Hewitt, Nambour Special School*

The Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability, Lorraine Furness, Department of Education and Training, QLD

The 'Fundamentals of Communication', Intensive Interaction and Why They are So Important, Dr Dave Hewett, Intensive Interaction Institute

Building Capability - The Positive Partnerships Journey at Gatton SS, Jenny Paynter and Jack Wright, Gatton State School, Wendy Hickson, Positive Partnerships

Connect-Relate-Communicate-Succeed, Louise Ruzic, Mount Ommaney Special School*

Writing Statements of Achievement for the Queensland Certificate of Individual Achievement, Tim Roberts, Queensland Curriculum Assessment Authority

Supporting Learners with Complex Communication Needs through Intensive Interaction - Let's chat about this, Janee Wiliamson, Queensland Intensive Interaction Professional Learning Community#

Personalised Learning: One School's Journey, Karen Collishaw and Cheryl Gibson, Edens Landing State School*

Age Appropriate Teaching Resources for Queensland Special School Students, Milissa Evans, Calamvale Special School, Aaron Evans and Brett Briggs, Community Access and Transition Service Inc*

^ The presenters of this session are unable to grant permission for this presentation to be made available online

* Awaiting permission to upload from author

# Q&A Panel Session, no presentation available


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